United Daughters of the Confederacy
James B. Gordon Chapter #211
Forsyth County, NC
Chartered March 30, 1898
North Carolina Division
The James B. Gordon Chapter of the UDC was formed in Winston-Salem on the 30th of March
1898, with twenty-four charter members: Mesdames Lucy Graham Young, J.B. Whitaker,
Louisa Wilson Bitting, B.B. Owen, M.N. Williamson, J.O. McGruder, Clement Manly,
James Shepherd, J.H. Jefferson, Samuel Smith, W.J. Carter, J.P. Fearrington, S.R. Hay,
M.W. Norfleet, George Follin, Delos Thomas, Miss Carrie Shepherd, Mesdames P.R. Casey,
H.L. Riggins,
Lucretia Gorrell Farris, May Barber Follin, H. Montague, Bessie Smith Green,
Miss Bessie Blum.

The chapter was named for Brig. Gen. James B. Gordon of Wilkesboro, N.C., a famed and
gallant cavalry leader, who formed the Wilkes Valley Guards.  He was fatally wounded in
the Battle of the Wilderness and died May 16, 1864.  His memorial is in the St. Pauls
Episcopal Church Cemetery in Wilkesboro, N.C.  
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"You Must Believe in your organization if you want others to.
Be informed and  keep your members informed.  
Don't say  'We Are Too Old'  
-- no one is ever too old to be a good daughter...."

Mrs. Pansy Blanton Fetzer,  Division President
1963 NC Division Convention
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