Feb. 15, 1851

In this place on Thursday evening last by the Rev. GEORGE F. BAHNSON, the Rev. JOHN FREEBELY to Miss HEDWIG J. OEHMAN, both of this place.

DIED: At her residence, in Davidson County, on the 8th inst., Mrs. JOYCE RICHARDS, age 80 years

Feb.. 22, 1851

n this vicinity on the 9th inst., by C.L. BANNER, Esq. Mr. CALVIN BLACKBURN, to Miss MARTHA, daughter of JOHN HARPER, all of this county.
On the 20th inst., by C.L. BANNER, Esq.,
THOMAS C. RIDDLE, of Davidson county, to Miss SUSAN VOGLER, daughter of Mr. GOTTLIEB VOGLER.

DIED-At New Orleans, on the 3d inst., in the 50th year of his age, at the residence of his brother, Col. T. F. HUNT, U.S. Army, JOHN HUNT Esq., a native of Huntsville, N.C.
In the city of Glasgow, Scotland, (whither he had gone to complete the study of his profession)
Mr. ALEXANDER R. STRANGE, son of the Hon. ROBERT STRANGE, of the
vicinity of Fayetteville.

Salem, N.C.
March 1, 1851


Gentlemen:  I have thought, for some time, I would write to your paper something in relation to the richest man in Virginia, and the largest slaveholder in the Union, and, perhaps,
in the world, unless the serfs of  Russia be considered slaves:  and the wish in your paper, a few days ago, to know whom it was so wealthy in Virginia, induces me to write this
now. SAMUEL HAIRSTON, of Pittsylvania, is the gentleman.  When I was in his section a year or two ago, he was the owner of between sixteen and seventeen hundred slaves, in
his own right, having but a little while before taken a census.  He also has a prospective right to about one thousand slaves more, which are now owned by his mother-in-law,
Mrs. RUTH HAIRSTON, he having married her only child.—He now has the management of them, which makes the number of his slaves reach  near three thousand. They
increase at the rate of near one hundred every year, and he has to purchase a large plantation every year to settle them on.—A large number of his plantations are in Henry
and Patrick counties, Virginia.  He has large estates in NORTH CAROLINA.  His landed property in STOKES alone, is assessed at six hundred thousand dollars.  His wealth is
differently estimated at from three to five millions, and I should think it was nearer the latter.  You think he has a hart lot; but I assure you Mr. HAIRSTON manages all his matters
as easy as most persons would an estate of $10,000.  He has overseers who are compelled to give him a written statement of what is made and spent on each plantation, and
his negroes are all fed and clothed from his own domestic manufacture and raising, leaving his tobacco crop, which is immensely large, as so much clear gain every year,
besides his increase in negroes, which is a fortune enough.

And now for his residence.  I have traveled over fifteen States of this Union, and have never seen anything comparable to his yard and garden, except some of them in the
Mississippi delta—and none of them equal it.  Mrs. HAIRSTON has been beautifying it for years—and a good old Minister, in preaching near the place, and describing Paradise,
said, “It was as beautiful as Mr. Hairston’s,” or as a friend who had visited Washington city for the first time, remarked that “the public grounds were nearly as handsome as
SAMUEL HAIRSTON’S”.  Mr HAIRSON is a plain, unassuming gentleman, and has never made any noise in the world, though he could vie with the Bruces, the McDonoghs and
the Astors;  and it is strange, that while their wealth is co-extensive with the Union, he is now known 100 miles from home.  I believe he is now the wealthiest man in the Union, as
Em. B. Astor is only worth about $4,000,000 and the estates of city people are vastly overrated, while Mr. HAIRSTON can show the property that will bring the cash at any

Mr. HAIRSTON was raised in a few miles of where he now lives in Henry county.  He has several brothers who are pretty well to do in the world. One of them, MARSHAL
HAIRSTON of Henry, owns more than 700 negroes.  ROBERT HAIRSTON, who now lives in Mississippi, about 600 slaves.  GEORGE HAIRSTON of Henry, has given most all of
his property to his children, reserving only about 150 for his own use.

This, I believe, is a correct statement of the HAIRSTON family; and for further particulars, and the truth of the statement, I refer you to the present delegate from Henry.
                                     Richmond Whig.


January 2, 1857

MARRIED: Near Jamestown, Guilford county by S. G. Coffin, Esq., Mr. E. PINCKNEY CRAVEN of Davidson county, to Miss SARAH L. DAVIS, of Guilford.
In Yadkin County, on the 18th ult., by the Rev. Wm. Turner, mar. JOHN H. KINYOUN, to Miss BETTIE ANN CONRAD, daughter of J.J. CONRAD, Esq., all of Yadkin county.
On the 30th inst., by Rev. Wm. Turner, Mr. R. D. McCUISTON, of Jamestown N.C., to Miss ELIZABETH STEWARD, daughter of MOSES STEWARD, Esq., of Forsyth.
Also on the same day, by the same, Mr. WM. L. JENKINS, of Statesville, N.C., to ELIZA JANE HINSDALE, of Forsyth.

Jan. 9, 1857

MARRIED: In Winston on the 6th inst., by the Rev. G.F. BAHNSON, Dr. SAMUEL MARTIN, of this place to Miss MILLER, eldest daughter of H. MILLER, Esq. of Winston
In Waughtown, on the 1st inst., by Rev. WM. TURNER,
Mr. RIAL RIGGS, JR., to Miss LEZANA HAUSER, all of Forsyth.
In Winston on the 24th ult., by R. GRAY, Esq.,
In Mocksville, by the Rev. JESSE RANKIN, A. A. HARBIN to Miss E. J. BROWN, all of Mocksville.
In Winston, on the 23rd ult., by Rev. JAS. E. MANN,

In Old Town, on the 2nd inst., JOHN BUTNER, Esq. aged 78 years.
In Macon, Ga., on the 23rd ult., of typhoid fever, Mr. ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, of Stokes county, N.C., after an illness of more than five weeks.

January 16, 1857

Married: On the 13th, inst., by M. EVANS, Esq., Mr. JOHN M. EDWARDS, of Guilford, to Miss ELIZABETH L. HAMMER, of Davidson.

DIED: In this place, on Jan. 13th, Rev. ADAM HAMMAN, aged 67 years and 6 days.
In Hope, Indiana, on the 1st inst., Mrs. MARGARET KEEHLN, consort of Mr. F.A. KEEHLN, formerly of this place.
In Madison County, Tennessee, Mrs. MARY JANE TRANSUE, consort of EDWARD TRANSOU.

January 23, 1857

MARRIED: At the residence of C.P. MENDENHALL, Esq., in Greensboro, on Thursday evening, January 15th, by the Rev. N. H. D. WILSON, Mr. NICHOLAS F. HAIRSTON of
Mississippi to Miss KEZIAH C. STAPLES, daughter of the late Col. ABRAM STAPLES, of Patrick county, Va.
In the Presbyterian Church, in Asheboro on the evening of the 25th December last, by Rev. SIMEON COLTON D. D., Professor S. S. JACKSON of Chapel Hill, to Miss ELVIRA E.
WORTH, daughter of JONATHAN WORTH Esq., of Asheboro.

DIED: In Hope, Indiana, on the 1st inst., at the residence of L.W. KEEHLN, while returning from a bridal tour, to her home in West Tennessee, Mrs. MARGARETT A., wife of F.A.
KEEHLN, in the 20th year of her age. As we pluck from the bush the most beauteous rose, so hath He who rules on high, for his own wise purpose, taken from us one of the
fairest and loveliest flowers of the garden. Render, pause and reflect on what is here recorded of one most dearly loved; so young, so buoyant in spirit, so pure in thought, so
affectionate and warm in friendship, reserved and modest in her deportment; conscientious and fervent in her religious devotion; so beloved by all; she, who was but lately in the
pride and bloom of health, is now no more. She is gone, forever gone. In the trying scene let the weeping husband, parents, brothers and friends remember that “their loss is
her eternal gain,” and that if they live as she lived, and die as she died, they will surely meet her again in the celestial worlds above.

Her lamp was trimmed, and burning bright
When her young spirit took its flight
To an eternal home.
She’s gone to heaven—go meet her there;
Where no more sorrow sin or care
To her shall ever come.

January 27, 1857
MARRIED: In this county, on the 17th inst by Rev. Wm. Turner, Mr. Conrad Fishel to Mrs. Lydia Rich, all of this county
Near Clemmonsville on the 19th inst by the Rev. S.H. Farabee, Mr. P.N. Whitman of Forsyth County to Miss Amanda Caroline, daughter of Willie Jones, Esq. of
In this county, on Monday the 15th inst., by James E. Mathews, Esq., Mr. Matthew Crews Jr, son of the Rev. James Crews to Miss Jane Elger of Books Mountain
In this county recently, Mr. Joseph Merritt to Miss Catharine Banner
In this County on the 14th inst by Philip Barrow Esq, Mr. Calvin Fulk to Miss Chaney Bowen

DIED:  At his residence in Guilford county, suddenly, Mr. Elijah Welch, aged about 50 years.

January 30, 1857

MARRIED: On the 8th inst., at Union, Randolph Co., by Jesse Walker, Esq., Dr. ELIAS KERNER of Kernersville, Forsyth county, to Miss P.G. DICKS, daughter of JAMES DICKS,

DIED: In Greensborough, on Monday morning January 19, JAMES McIVER, aged about 50 years.
Suddenly in Danbury, Stokes county, on Wednesday the 21st inst., Mrs. JANE SHACKELFORD, consort of Mr. SAMUEL SHACKELFORD, aged 50 years. About 3 o’clock in the
afternoon on the day of her death she complained of being unwell, retired to bed, and died within an hour. She was the mother of 16 children, 14 of whom, together with her
husband, survive Her.
CHARLES W. HARRIS, formerly a citizen of Cabarrus county, lately removed to Newton, perished in the snow on the night of the 20th inst., in Cabarrus.

NEW MAGISTRATES: The following Magistrates were appointed at the present session of the Legislature.

FORSYTH COUNTY: Among the number for Forsyth are:--F. L. Patterson, E.A. Vogler, Wm. Barrow, R. Murchison, H. Perston, C. B. Ogburn, M. J. Crews, J. A. Styers, Fountain
Flynt, John Harden, Thos. M. Hunter, John H. Hester, Samuel Laugenour, Thomas Long, and Aquilla Pitts.
STOKES COUNTY: Jesse A. Gordon, L. W. Grabbs, Drury Boyless, David Jones, Richard Smith, Joseph G. Martin, Joseph L. Smith, James M. Hill, Solomon Morgan, B. R.
Webster, Joseph Fulp, P. R. Davis, James Tuttle, Zach. Alley, Jas. Rierson, Jr., and W. W. McCanless.
SURRY COUNTY: Jno. Hurt, E. Canles, Sr., Jas. R. Calloway, James Norman, Paul Worth, James S. Snow, James Holyfield, Wm. T. Lewis, William Wilburn, L. H. Dobson, Samuel
Scott, Abram Whitaker, C. C. Thompson, H. C. Hampton, C. C. Cockerham, Drison Fulk, and John Martin Cloud.

February 13, 1857

FATAL ACCIDENT: We learn from the Greensboro’ Patriot and Flag that a most fatal accident happened at Coltrane’s Mills, in Randolph County, on Friday, the 30th of January.
ELIAS HODGIN, the miller, while attempting to put a band on one of the wheels attached to the corn mill, was caught by his clothes, and thrown into a cog-wheel, where he was
so mangled that he expired in an hours and a half after the accident occurred. Mr. HODGIN, formerly resided in Guilford county near the Hodgin Mine, and had been at the mill
some two years. He leaves a wife and three small children to mourn his loss.

SUICIDE: The Concord Gazette states that MICHAEL LEFLER, a man who lived about 5 miles below Concord, committed suicide on the 29th ult., in a fit of delirum tremens by
breaking the ice and drowning himself in a mill pond. His body was not recovered until Sunday the 1st inst., when it was found by a party in search and a Coroner’s inquest held
over it. Verdict of the jury—death by drowning.
We learn from the Hillsborough Recorder that Mr. WILLIS S. JONES, of Orange county committed suicide on Friday night last, by cutting his throat and plunging into a mill pond.
He was a young man in good circumstances, but met with some pecuniary loss, which operated on his mind.
The Recorder also states that at a Constables election in Alamance county, “JOHN SHAW, a man considerably advanced in life, stabbed his son-in-law, WILLIAM GIBSON, twice,
and afterwards threw a stone at him, breaking his skull, causing his death in a few minutes.

MURDER—We learn that a negro man, LAWS, belonging to Mr. FRIES, of this place, stabbed a free negro by the name of MITCHELL, at High Point, causing his death. LAWS is
confined in jail. The affair originated in a quarrel about some work they were engaged in.

DIED— In this county, on the 22d ult., Mrs. SARAH HARRIS, aged 105 years
Also on the 14th ult, Mr. MATTHEW CREWS, aged 70 years.
In Yadkin county, on the 22nd ult., Miss NANCY JANE SPEER.
In Coatesville, Hendrix county, Indiana, on the 9th of November last, Mr. MATTHIAS MASTEN, formerly of this county, aged 98 years and 8 months.

February 20, 1857

MARRIED: In this county, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. LEWIS RIGHTS, Mr. DAVID F. SPACH, to Miss MARIA GIMMEL.

DIED:  Recently, in Bethlehem, Pa., suddenly, Mr. SAMUEL SHULTZ, formerly of this place.
In Greensboro’ on the 3d inst., of paralysis, Mrs. ELIZABETH RANKIN, wife of WM. S. RANKIN, Esq.
In Friendship N.C., ESTHER CLEMMONS, widow of JAMES CLEMMONS, dec’d and daughter of JOHN LINDSAY, dec’d of Davidson county, aged 61 years.

NOTICE—A LIST OF LETTERS, remaining at the Post office at Salem, N.C., Feb. 15, 1857 Paulina Boyles; John C. Beeker, Geo. Brown, A. G. Cupp, Calvin Crews, James Eliot,
Miss Elizabeth Holder, Mrs. Rebecca Hodgin, Noah F. Killion, Jonas Leinback, H. Miller, Thos. Myers, J. E. Miller, R. Mitchel, Mrs. Mary Rich, Amos Rominger, Miss Anna
Rodgers, Joseph Rothrock, Mrs. Eve Swaim, John Shields or Grace Loith, Jesse Swaim, Peter Sink, Jesse Styers, Christian Tush (Tesh?), Miss Mary J. Thomas, Junius G.

February 27, 1857

MARRIED: In this county, on the 17th inst., by Rev. WM. TURNER, Mr. CONRAD FISHEL, to Mrs. LYDIA RICH, all of this county.
Near Clemmonsville on the 19th inst. by Rev. S. H. FARABEE, Mr. P. N. WHITMAN of Forsyth County to Miss AMANDA CAROLINE daughter of WILLIE JONES, Esq., of Davidson.
In this county, on Monday the 15th inst., by JAMES E. MATHEWS, Esq., Mr. MATTHEW CREWS, JR., son of Rev. JAMES CREWS, to Miss JANE ELGER, of Books Mountain.
In this county recently, Mr. JOSEPH MERRITT to Miss CATHARINE BANNER.
In this county, on the 14th inst., by PHILIP BARROW, Esq., Mr. CALVIN FULK to Miss CHANEY BOWEN.

DIED:  At his residence in Guilford county, suddenly, Mr. ELIJAH WELCH, aged about 50 years.

MARCH 6, 1857

MARRIED: In this place, on Thursday the 5th inst., by the Rev. G.F. BAHNSON, Mr. EDWARD ACKERMAN to Miss ELIZABETH DAVIS.

March 13, 1857

MARRIED:  In Waughtown, on the 1st inst., by Rev. WM. TURNER, Mr. SOLOMON A. MORRIS, of Forsyth, to Miss MARGARET A. MARTIN, daughter of ALEX. MARTIN, of
Davidson county.
In this county, on the 26th ult., by JOHN E. CLAYTON, Esq., R. L. WALKER, Esq., to Mrs. MINERVA E. MATTHEWS, all of Forsyth
In Winston, on Thursday the 26th ult., by R. GRAY, Esq., Mr. ROBERT J. ALLEN, of Stokes Co., to Miss MARY S. THOMAS, of Winston.
In Charlotte, on the 17th ult, by Rev. JAS. STACEY, Mr. JOHN L. DEATON and Miss SARAH R., eldest daughter of THOS. J. HOLTON, Esq., Editor of the North Carolina Whig.

DIED:   In this county, on Tuesday the 3d inst., an infant son of WM and MARY PARNELL.
In this county, on the 1st inst., after a lingering illness, Mr. WM. H. STYERS, oldest son of JESSEE SYERS, JUN., aged about 19 years.

March 20, 1857

PUBLIC MEETING IN STOKES: A large number of the citizens of Stokes Co., met in the town of Danbury, on the 10th inst., in pursuance of a call that had been previously made
for a Convention to be held in Winston on Tuesday of the next Superior Court of Forsyth County, for the purpose of nominating a candidate to represent the American party in
the approaching Congressional canvass; and as the time and place meets our entire approbation,

1. Resolved, What we do nominate and appoint the following gentlemen to represent the county of Stokes, to wit: J. W. Bitting, Thos. Hart, Sam. Hughs, Austin Durham, Dr.
Darian Smith, Henry Snow, Thos. Hutcherson, W. P. Ried, W. H. Ried, Samuel Wall, Landon Duncan, E. H. Moore, R. B. Stanfeel, C. F. Frazier, S. H. Taylor, William H. Flynt,
Jas. M. Convington, William A. Lash, Swaim King, G. E. Moore, M. T. Benton, James Davis, Jr., James Blackburn, Alex. Westmorland, N. Dalton, R. T. Pulliam, Rufus Macy,
Abraham Fulton, Isaac Gibson, R. D. Golding, J. W. Davis, W. W. Cole, and A. H. Joyner.

And we pledge ourselves to support the nominee of said convention provided his antecedents have been such as to entitle him to the confidence of the American Party. W.
DAVIS, Chairman.; E. H. Moor, Secretary, March 10th, 1857

MARRIED:  On the 12th inst., in this county, by Rev. Wm. TURNER, Mr. WARREN BOLT of Germanton, to Miss MARIA STEWART daughter of MOSES STEWART. Esq., of this
In Davidson county, on the 26th ult., by Rev. DAVID WEESNER, Mr. ELISHA RAPER to Miss PAULINE R. TESH, all of the same county.

DIED: In Baltimore, EUGENE LEHMAN, of Bethania, N.C. He was on his way North to purchase goods.
In Greensborough, on the 10th inst., Rev. Wm. D. PAISLEY, an eminent minister of the Presbyterian Church of that place, in his 87th years.

MARCH 27, 1857

MARRIED:  In Yadkin county, on Thursday, the 12th inst by J. Vestal, Esq., Mr. SAMUEL ADAMS, to Miss MARTHA FARINGTON, daughter of Alexander Farington, Esq
In Yadkin county on Thursday the 5th int by B. Myers, Esq, Mr. C.B. MARTIN Esq of Georgia to Miss ELVIRAH SPENSER daughter of
In Yadkin county on Friday the 6th inst by H. Spenser, Esq, JOHN MARTIN, Esq to Miss MARY MARTIN,
On the 12th inst by John Masten, Esq, Mr ERI SMITH to Miss M.J. CREWS, all of Forsyth
At Lebanon, Forsyth county, on the 10th innst by S.W. Grifith, Esq, Mr. JOHN R. HARPER to Miss MARY S. REICH , all of Forsyth
In this place on the 12th inst, by Rev. J.E. Mann, Mr. JAMES STRUPE to Miss MARY E ANDERSON
On the 24th ult, Mr. W.G. SMITH of Stokes county, NC and Miss NANCY TROWELL of Fairfield District, SC

DIED:  In this county, [Forsyth] on the 20th inst., Mr. HENRY BRIGGS, in the 79th year of his age.  He has been, for a number of years, a member of the M.E. Church, and has
left many relatives and friends to mourn his loss.

Also, on the same day, near the same place,
James T., youngest child of H.G. and S.R. Anderson, aged 10 years, 11 months and 27 days.

April 3, 1857

NOTICE—A LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the post office at Salem, N.C. April 1, 1857: Ag’t of Adams Express; John C. Becker; Saml. Cecil; Patrick O’Donnell; John T. Gilmer;
Enoch Griffith; Joseph Hine; Abraham S. Henley; James Hudler; Wm. Hertel; Michael Killion; James King; John Kanauss; Miss Antonett Long; John R. Mercer; Tandy Marshall;
Christian Pickle; Christiana Parnell; Mrs. Cath. Rominger; G.G. Radcliffe; Jesse Swaim; Miss Martha E. Smith; Benj. J. Snider; W. T. Scales; Madison Thomas; Chas. E. Wright;
Miss Amelia Wall; Robert Weaver.

MARRIED: In Stokes County, on the 24th ult., by JOHN J. SPAINHOUR, Esq., Mr. LEANDER A. COE, of Surry, to Miss ELIZABETH F. W. LIGON, of Stokes.
On the 26th ult., by J. W. SPAINHOUR, Esq., Mr. SOLOMON F. EDWARDS to Miss MILDRED WESTMORELAND, all of Stokes
On the 29th ult., in Waughtown, by Rev. Wm. TURNER, Mr. LORENZO DOW WRIGHT, to Miss CHARITY F.LANE, all of that place.
On the 19th by T. L. SPAUGH, Esq., Mr. MILTON H. DAWSON to Miss WILHELMENA SHAMEL, all of Forsyth.
In this county, on the 19th inst., by AQUILLA PITTS, Esq., Mr. F. M. STAFFORD TO Miss SARAH E. TEAGUE, daughter of E. B. TEAGUE, Esq.
In Smith Grove, Davie County, on Tuesday evening the 17th inst, by SAMUEL TAYLOR, Esq., Col. JONATHAN SMITH, to Miss EMILY SHEEK.

April 10, 1857

In the Moravian Church, New York City, on the 24th of March, by Rev. J. H. Kummer, Mr. CHRISTIAN DAVID SENSEMAN of Philadelphia, to Miss LUCINDA ELIZA SENSEMAN, of
New York, late of this place.

By Rev. H. G. Clauder, at Canal Dover, Ohio, on the 17th ult., Mr. AMBROSE J. ERWIN, of Bethlehem, Pa., to Miss MARY S. CLAUDER, daughter of Rev. H. G. Clauder.

DIED:  Suddenly at Nazareth Pa., on the 26th ult., Mr. JACOB T. BECK, aged about 68 years.
In Dobson, Surry County, suddenly, on the night of the 26th inst, Mrs. NANCY HALE, consort of Mr. JAMES M. HALE, aged about 30 years.
At her residence in this county, on the 27th ult., Mrs. ELIZABETH STOCKTON, relict of the late DOUGHTY STOCKTON, in the 79th year of her age.

April 17, 1857

MARRIED:  In Davidson county, on the 2nd inst., by S. A. MOCK, Esq., Mr. ROBERT PERRIMAN to Miss NANCY HAGE, all of Davidson
Near Mocksville, on the 8th ult., by CHARLES ANDERSON, Esq., Mr. JACOB P. CONRAD, TO Miss SUSANAH DWIGGINS.
In Mocksville, on the 15th ult., by J. B. JONES, Esq., Mr. JOHN B. VESTAL, to Miss JANE PARRISH.
In Forsyth county, on the 5th inst., by JAMES E. MATTHEWS, Esq., Mr. ISAAC NEWELL, of Forsyth to Miss E. E. JONES, of Stokes.
On Wednesday the 1st inst., by the Rev. B. CRAVEN, Rev. W. C. GANNON, of Greensborough, to Miss MARY LEACH, of Normal College.

DIED:  In Germanton, on the 12th inst., Dr. W. W. STEDMAN
In Dobson, Surry Co., N.C. on the 6th inst., MARY ANN GORDON, consort of JOSEPH GORDON and daughter of the Rev. D. G. BODENHAMMER, on the 25th year of her age.
Mrs. GORDON was a consistent member of the Christian church, has left a companion and infant daughter only eight days old, besides a numerous train of relatives and friends
to mourn their loss. But they mourn not as those who have no hope; for she has doubtless gone to rest; and blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.—COM.
Suddenly, in Winston, on the 3rd inst., LELIA, infant daughter of Dr. JOHN B. BRITTON, aged 1 year and 7 days.
In Yadkin county on the 1st inst., Mrs. REBECCA BOND, consort of Wm. BOND.

OBITUARY:  Died at her residence in this county, on the 27th of March, Mrs. ELIZABETH STOCKDON, in the 79th year of her age. She leaves eight children, four sons and four
daughters, to mourn her loss. A member of the Society of Friends, she nevertheless extended the hand of fellowship to other denominations of Christians. She lived to see all
her children and a number of her grandchildren in communion with the different churches of the land. A true mother was she to her children, watching over them with tender care
in their earlier years, sympathizing with them and giving wholesome counsels in the stern realities of riper age. Now they stand up and call her blessed.
Many travelers will long remember her kindness. For a long series of years her husband kept public house, and she manifested the rare tact of making every one who came
about her comfortable and happy. It is only a little over a year since her husband died; to him she was devotedly attached, and ever since his death she has been waiting with
patient concern for their reunion above. Her afflictions in this world have been long and severe, but she was perfectly resigned to everything her great Master was pleased to
send upon her. Now her sufferings are all over. She died in peace. She was one of the most affectionate wives, devoted mothers, and kind mistresses.

“Weep for the dead! For well ye may
They’ll greet ye nevermore,
While on this darksome vale ye stay!
But on that brighter shore
They wait to welcome you when all
Your mission is fulfilled;
Where death’s grim face can ne’er appall
And sorrow’s moans are stilled.” S. H.H.

April 24, 1857

MARRIED: In Stokes county, on the 29th March, by G. E.MOORE, Esq., Mr. JAMES ODELL to Miss FANNY JONES, -- all of Stokes.
In Stokes county, on the 6th of April, by G. E. MOORE, Esq., Mr. JAMES T. GREEN (?) to Miss MARTHA FULTIN—all of Stokes.
In Stokes county, on the 9th of April, by G. E. MOORE, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM FULTIN to Miss M. E. DAVIS,--all of Stokes.
In Stokes county, on the 18th of April, by G. E. MOORE, Esq., Mr. FRANCIS BLUFORT FULTIN to Miss MARY A. G. JOHNSON of South Carolina.
In Guilford county, Mr. WM. S. CLARK to Miss ELIZABETH A. WEATERLY
In Davidson county, ON THE 7TH INST. Dr. O. M. SHEMWELL, to Miss SARAH E. THOMPSON.
In Randolph county, on the 2nd inst., Mr. MILTON BREEDLOVE to Miss MARY E. PIKE.
In Ashe county, on the 26th ult., Dr. EDMUND D. FOSTER to Miss ELLEN C. MURCHISON
In Lexington, on the 13th inst., by Rev. J. J. SMITH, Rev. J. A. BOOZIER to Miss MARY J., youngest daughter of Mr. ANDREW HUNT,--all of Lexington.
In Taylorsville, Va., on the 7th inst., by Rev. CHARLES H. PHILLIPS, JAMES C. NORMAN, Esq., of Surry County, N. C. to Miss MAGGIE B., daughter of A. A. MAIR, Esq., of that

DIED;  In this place, on the 18th inst., of congestion of the brain, GUSSIE CRIST, son of T. F. and MARIA CRIST,  aged 4 years and 6 months.
He has gone to his God, he’s gone to his home,
No more amid error and peril to roam;
His eyes are no longer dim;
His feet will no longer falter;
No grief can follow him,
No pang his cheek can alter.

There are paleness, and weeping, and sighs below,
For our faith is faint, and our tears will flow;
But the harps of heav’n are ringing,
Glad angels come to greet him;
And hymns of joy are singing,
While new friends press to meet him.

Gussie, beloved, to earth unconfined,
Thou has soared on high, thou hast left us behind;
But our parting is not forever!--
We will follow thee by heaven’s light,
Where the grave cannot dissever
The souls whom God will unite.

In Stokes county, on the 5th inst., WILLIAM BENNETT, aged about 40 years.
On the 3rd inst., LUCY MUSTIN, daughter of B.B. and MARTHA MUSTIN, aged about 11 years.
On the 3rd inst., infant child of REUBEN and TEMPY GEORGE.
On the 4th inst., Mrs. LOUISA W. PULLIAM consort of B.W.PULLIAM, leaving a husband and five children and a large circle of friends to mourn her loss.
On the 11th inst., JOHN J. SPAINHOUR of Stokes, leaving a wife and five children.
In Charlotte, JOHN W. GIBSON, formerly of this vicinity.

A Homicide—On last Sunday morning a free negro named LOCKLIER, was found dead about eight miles north of Lexington, North Carolina, dead, shot through the breast.
JOHN SHOAF has been arrested on suspicion, and is now in jail. Patriot & Flag, Greensboro

May 1, 1857

GUILFORD COURT—The young man CHIPMAN committed to jail in Guilford county, some months since, upon the charge of murdering Miss PINNIX, near Jamestown, was put
upon his trial at Greensboro, last week, His Honor Judge SAUNDERS presiding, and we learn was found guilty. He took an appeal to the Supreme Court.

LAWS, the slave of Mr. FRIES, was convicted of manslaughter, but judgment suspended, as he was considered justifiable in the act, under the circumstances. LAWS was then
sold by his owner, with the condition that he be taken out of the State.

May 8, 1857

MARRIED:  In this place, on the 7th inst., by the Rev. G. F. BAHNSON, Mr. ARCHIBALD McCALLUM, of Twiggs County, Ga., to Miss EMILIE EUGENIA, second daughter of C. L.

DIED: In this place, on the 2nd inst., Miss MARY BONER, daughter of T. J. and PHOEBE BONER.
In this place, on the 5th inst., Miss ELIZABETH METZ, of Lawrence District, South Carolina, aged 13 years.
In this place, on the 7th inst., Miss ELIZABETH M. LYNCH, aged 18 years, daughter of LARKIN LYNCH, of Yadkin Co., N.C.
In this county, on the 6th inst., Mrs. SIDES, relict of the late JOHN SIDES, at an advanced age.
In Liberty, on the 28th ult., Mr. CALVIN KISER, aged about 24 years.

May 22, 1857

MARRIED:  At the residence of Wm. FLYNT, Jr., in this county, on the 8th instant, by HENRY SHOUSE, Esq., Mr. JOHN W. BANNER to Miss JANE FLYNT, oldest daughter of
Wm. FLYNT, Jr., Sheriff of Forsyth.
In this county, on the 10th inst., by P. T. SHULTZ, Esq., Mr. JOHN BROWN, to Mrs. LUCINDA ROTHROCK.
In Yadkin county, on the 5th inst., by Mr. C. MYERS, Esq., Mr. W. H. RODWELL to Miss MARTHA JANE, daughter of C. W. WILLIAMS.
In Greensboro, on the 5th inst. Mr. A. W. COLTRAIN of Thomasville, to Miss CORNELIA JORDAN, daughter of Col. JORDAN.

DIED:  In this place, on the 13th inst., Miss SUSAN EDMUNDS of Henry Co., Tenn., in the 11th year of her age.
Also on the same day, Miss L. V. JOYNER, of Halifax County, N. C.
At Williamsburg, Iredell Co., on the 25th ult., Gen. CHAS. R. JONES, in the 88th year of his age.

A LIST OF LETTERS, remaining in the post office at Salem, N.C. May 15th, 1857: W. E. Axsom, B. B. Burham, Miss Eliza Crouch, Henry Clinard, George Carr, Wm. B. Carter,
Elijah Currin, J. M. Cruse, Henry Fries, Joshua Hitchcock, Miss Salley Holder, George P. McKaughan, William Moss, M. L. Ogburn, Mrs. Mary A. Rich, Martin Rominger, Mrs.
Tracey Reich, Alexander Spaugh, George W. Shim__, Jeremiah Snider, Miss Nancy Steward, George W. Taylor, George Tush, Alfred Turner, J. G. Veach, John P. Vest, Miss
Lue Wooding.

May 29, 1857

MARRIED:  On the 14th inst., by W. SWAIM, Esq., Mr. J. T. FISHEL, to Miss MARGARET ROTHROCK, daughter of DANIEL ROTHROCK.

DIED:  In Stokes county on the 10th inst., Mrs. RUTH WALTON, consort of Dr. PLEASANT WALTON, formerly of Virginia.
In this county on the 9th inst., Mrs. CHARITY SWAIM, consort of SILAS SWAIM, dec’d after a long and painful illness, aged 64 years 9 months and 5 days. The deceased leaves
3 daughters to mourn her loss. She was an excellent wife and a pious mother, and we have reason to believe that she died happy, and is now in heaven at her resting place.

Why should be mourn for dying friends,
Or shake at death’s alarm,
‘Tis but the voice that Jesus sends,
To all them to his arms.

In this county, on the 22d inst., of consumption, CHRISTINA SALOME, consort to JOHN L. SWAIM, aged 49 years, 6 months and 22 days. She was a consistent member of the
Moravian church for thirty years, and died in the full triumphs of faith, leaving a husband and four children with a numerous circle of relatives and friends to mourn her loss.
In Liberty, on Wednesday the 27th inst., Mr. FRANCIS CRAWLEY, about 15 years of age.   (
In Bethlehem, Pa., Mr. JACOB KUMMER, aged about 75 years.

June 5, 1857

MARRIED— At Midway on the evening of the 4th of May, by Rev. S. D. ADAMS, Mr. J. P. SICELOFF, and Miss SUSAN R. BEARD, daughter of Wm. G. BEARD.
In this county, on the 27th ult., by HENRY SHOUSE, Mr. GEORGE LIVENGOOD to Mrs. MARY STOLTS.
In Mocksville, on the 26th ult., by Rev. GEO. B. WETMORE, THOMAS H. GAITHER, Esq., and Miss BETTIE F. KELLY, second daughter of the late Wm. F. KELLY.

DIED— In this place, on the 3d ult., Miss MARY ALSOBROOK.
In Salisbury on the 31st ult., LELA, infant daughter of Mr. A.J. and Mrs. CHARLOTTE MOCK, aged about 18 months.

SUICIDE—We regret to learn that JOHN G. WILSON, Esq. a wealthy planter of Currituck county, N. C. committed suicide on Sunday night last, near Shingle Landing, by shooting
a ball from a pistol through his head. He was greatly respected, wealthy and leaves a family. Recent pecuniary losses are supposed to have caused him to commit the rash act.

The following list of students were taken from a Salem Female Academy Musical Entertainment Program printed in the People’s Press, June 5, 1857: Misses J. Siddall, M. Brietz,
E. Collier, A. Cardwell, E. Gilmer, C. Sloan, A. Dunn, C. Madding, M. Coalson, A. Korkely, A. Kaufman, V. Saunders, E. Coley, S. J. Hall, F. Vason, M. Zevely, P. Hege, V. Collier,
A. Houston, P. Hege, J. Lunday, F. Mills, L. Smith, B. Lemly and S. Higdon.

June 13, 1857

CHANGE OF MINISTERS—Rev. JACOB SIEWERS has received and accepted a call from Mt. Bethel Church, Carroll County, Va., to Bethania, in this county, and Rev. JOHN A.
FRIBELLE, late of this place, supplies the vacancy occasioned at Mt. Bethel.
Rev. M. E. GRUNERT, late pastor at Bethania, has accepted the office of Assistant Principal and Professor of Latin, &c., in Salem Female Academy.

MARRIED:   In Waughtown, on the 1st inst by Rev. Wm. Turner, MR. SOLOMON A. MORRIS of Forsyth to MISS MARGARET A. MARTIN daughter of ALEX MARTIN of Davidson
In this county, o the 26th ult by John E Clayton, Esq R.L. WALKER Esq to Mrs. MINERVA E. MATTHEWS all of Forsyth
In Winston on Thursday the 26th ult by R. Gray, Exq, Mr ROBERT J ALLEN of Stokes o to Miss MARY S THOMAS of Winston
In Charlotte on the 17th ult by Rev Jas. Stacey, Mr. JOHN L. DEATON and Miss  SARAH R. eldest daughter of THOS J. HOLTON Esq Editor of the NC Whig

DIED:  In this county on Tuesday the 3rd inst., an infant son of Wm. and MARY PARNELL
In this county on the 1st inst., after a lingering illness, Mr. WM. H. STYERS, oldest son of JESSEE STYERS, Jun, aged about 19 years.

June 19, 1857

The following list of students were taken from the Programme of the Annual Examination of Salem Male Academy printed in the People’s Press June 19, 1857: George Belo,
Joseph Siewers, Christian Fogle, Nathaniel Siewers, Charles Pfohl, George Winkler, Lewis Butner, Henry Siddall, Jacob Siewers, John Boner, John H. Senseman, Ithiel Lemly, G.
Sussdorff, Henry Bahnson, Herman Hoffman, William Bahnson, William Vogler, Henry Belo, Christian Winkler, Theodore Rights, J. Blum, William Lemly, George Winkler, Arthur
Belo, John Blum, John Fries, F. Wageman, Jacob Shepperd, Robert Sanders, W. Cooper, Benjamin Atwood, W. Gray.

MARRIED:  In Stokes county, on the 25th May, by Rev. JOHN S. DAVIS, Mr. WESLEY GEORGE to Miss RUTH FLYNT.
On the 3rd inst., by E. T. BEAZLY, Esq., Mr. RICHARD HUTCHESON to Miss DOSIA P. WARD, daughter of Wm. P. WARD, all of Stokes.

June 26, 1857

DIED:  In Greensborough, on the 12th inst., Wm. R. UNTHANK, aged about 25 years.

July 3, 1857

DEATH BY LIGHTNING—A subscriber writes us that in Stokes county, on the 17th ultimo, Mr. LEWIS HICKS, Sen., was struck by lightning, which caused instant death. Mr. Hicks
was hoeing corn in the field at the time he was struck, and one of his sons was also prostrated at the same time, but soon recovered from the shock, without sustaining any
serious injury.

Mr. Hicks was a member of the Baptist church, a kind neighbor, and leaves a wife and eight children.

July 10, 1857

MARRIED:  On Tuesday, the 16th, by the Rev. JAS. D. GIBSON of Yorkville, THOMAS DEGRAFFREID, Esq., of Chester, to BELL, second daughter of Col. WILLIAM GOTT, of
Greensboro,N. C.
On June 23rd, by Rev. A. GRAY, Mr. M. D. L. ARMFIELD, to Miss R. A. PRATHER, all of Surry County, N. C.

July 17, 1857

MARRIED:  On Wednesday, 15th, by the Rev. G. F. BAHNSON, Mr. CHARLES HAUSER, to Miss HERMINA E. BENZIEN, all of this place.

DIED: On the 9th inst., ESTER MARIA ELIZA LUCETTA JANE, daughter of JACOB M. and ANN MARIA THOMAS, aged 2 years 5 months and 25 days.
In Winston, on Thursday morning the 15th instant, at 1 ½ o’clock, after a server illness of several days, LEOPOLD, son of JAMES and SUSAN COLLINS, aged one year and four

“Whom the Gods love, die young.”
Early, bright, transient,
Chaste as morning dew,
He sparkled, was exhaled,
And went to Heaven.

The Heavens above,
Is now they spirit’s rest;
And kinder is they Saviour’s love
Than even they mother’s breast.
He who was once a child,
Shall keep thine infant dust,
And raise it pure and undefiled
To mingle with the just.

July 24, 1857

MARRIED: In Liberty, on Tuesday Morning, the 21st inst., by the Rev. G. F. BAHNSON, Mr. CHARLES BRIETZ, Esq., to Miss MARGARET MORROW, all of this place.

DIED: In this county on the 14th inst., JESSE SAMUEL, infant son of JESSE and JULIA STYRES, aged 6 days.
In Leaksville, on the 24th May, MARY A. H. REYNOLDS, in the 21st year of her age.
In this county on the 29th ult., Mr. NICHLAS TALLER, aged about 65 years.
In this county on the 6th inst., Mr. JESSE STYRES, in his 69th year—a worthy and respected citizen.

July 31, 1857

In this place, on the 23rd inst., after a lingering illness, Mr. HENRY S. VOGLER, oldest son of Mr. NATHANIEL VOGLER, aged 28 years. Mr. Vogler was a young man of
exemplary character, and a consistent member of the church.
On the 16th instant, in Bartholomew County, Indiana, Mr. JOHN LICK, formerly of this place.

August 7, 1857

OBITUARY: The late AUGUSTUS STAUB, who came to his death in so awful and sudden a manner, on Sunday morning last, was born in Obersdorf, Saxony, on the 12th of
December, 1809, where he became a full member of the established Church of Saxony, (the Lutheran) in 1823. He subsequently emigrated to the United States, and was for
several years engaged in the Jewelry business, by which he amassed a competency, (so as to render his circumstances in a temporal point of view, easy;) he finally located in
this place, and joined the Moravian Church, in 1849,of which remained a full member up to the time of his death.  He was a good, honest, industrious and useful citizen of our
community, whose place, in many respects, will not be easily supplied.—Some years since, he commenced a Vineyard and Nursery in the vicinity of this place, which occupied
the greater part of his time and attention.  As regards his spiritual life, he was not very communicative. He was upright in his dealings, a regular attendant at church, and an
active member of the Sons of Temperance and the Young Men’s Missionary Society. He appeared to enjoy his usual health and spirits, up to within a few hours of the time when
the accident at the hotel occurred which caused his death, although he is represented by some as having been in rather an unusually serious mood, on Sunday evening.
His age was 48 years, 7 months and 22 days.

In Waughtown, on Saturday evening, Mrs. ELIZABETH WAUGH, relict of the late JAMES WAUGH, Esq. aged 69 years. Mrs. Waugh was respected and esteemed by all who knew
her, and leaves a numerous circle of relatives and friends to mourn her loss.

OBITUARY: DIED, at her residence in Waughtown, on the evening of the 25th inst., Mrs. ELIZABETH WAUGH, relict of JAMES WAUGH, aged 69 years 1 month and 9 days—
after a short but painful illness of three weeks, which she bore with Christian patience and resignation. Seldom have the ties of this life been loosened with sorer grief and
deeper affliction.  She was a most affectionate wife, the best and most tender of mothers, a true friend, benevolent neighbor, and kind indulgent mistress.The mild virtues which
grace and soften life, shed their bright beams along her path here on earth, and the gentle beneficent influences of a pure Christian benevolence, smoothed the pillow of death,
and cheered her onward with evident manifestations of future bliss.In her youth she embraced the religion of Christ, and continued an exemplary and consistent member of the
Methodist Church, down to the day of her death.  By her orderly walk and example, she so ingratiated herself into the favor and affections of her acquaintances and friends, as
to gain and retain their love and confidence. She was perfectly aware of the impossibility of recovery, several days before her death.—Calmly and composedly she heard her
fate, and exclaimed that she was ready and willing to depart, if it were God’s will to call her hence.  All that medical skill, with the sleepless attention of relatives and friends could
avail, was done to restore her to health; but it was otherwise ordered; and her body now lies in the narrow tomb, but her immortal spirit, we humbly trust and believe, is basking
in the sunshine of God’s favor.  To her distressed relations and friends is vouchsafed the gift of knowing that their loss is her eternal gain.

August 14, 1857

DIED:  In Winston, on the 7th inst., Mr. ALLEN, aged 24 years.
In Yadkin County on the 27th ult. HIRAM REECE.
At his residence in Rockingham County last week, Judge SETTLE, a highly respected and prominent citizen of the State. He had filled various public offices.

August 28, 1857

MARRIED:  Near Germanton, N.C. at the residence of CALEB MATTHEWS, Esq., on Tuesday the 18th inst., by Rev. J. E. MANN, Mr. ISAAC H. NELSON to Miss A. G. BITTING

DIED: In this place, on the 26th inst., Miss EMMA AUGUSTA LINEBACH, daughter of Mr. HENRY LINEBACH, in the 32nd year of her age.
In Waughtown, LEWIS, son of Mr. PHILIP NISSEN, aged about 5 years and 4 months.
In Winston, on Saturday the 15th inst., ANN ELIZABETH, daughter of JOHN and EMILY MOREFIELD, aged 9 months and 2 days.
In Winston on, the 19th inst., MARGARET ELIZABETH, infant daughter of HARRISON and MARGARET L. PITTS.
In this county, on the 9th inst., DAVID FRANKLIN, son of Mr. HENRY LIVENGOOD, aged 4 years 2 months and 7 days.

September 4, 1857

TRIBUTE OF RESPECT---…..In memory of Mrs. COLUMBIA L. HAIRSTON, of Davie County, N. C. who departed this life, August 2nd, 1857

MARRIED: In Waughtown, on the 27th August, by Rev. Wm. TURNER, Mr. MARTIN L. CHARLES to Miss JUDA LONGWORTH, daughter of GEO. LONGWORTH, Esq.

DIED: In Dobson, Surry Co., on the 22d ultimo LUCY JANE, youngest daughter of THOS. V. HAMLIN, aged 2 years and 5 months.
In Dobson, on Saturday the 29th ult., Rev. A. ROBY

September 11, 1857

MARRIED; In Waughtown, on the 6th inst., by Rev. Wm. TURNER, Mr. JOHN W. AIKINS to Miss P… SAPP, daughter of HENRY SAPP, Esq., all of this county.

DIED: In Winston, on the 8th inst., CHARLES THEODORE, infant son of C. F. and LOUISA SUSSDORFF, aged 1 year 3 months and 2 days.
In this County, on the 28th ult., Mrs. MARTHA VOSS, consort of E.R. VOSS, Esq., aged about 50 years.
On Sunday, the 30th ult., ELLEN ELIZABETH, daughter of WILLIAM and LUCRETIA SHORE, aged 1 year and 20 days.
In Olin, Iredell county, on the 23rd ult., Mrs. E. Q. VESTAL, wife of Mr. J. VESTAL, aged 2_ years.
In Germanton, on the 25th ult., MARIE WHITEHURST, infant daughter of ROB’T G. MAYES, aged about 9 months.

September 19, 1857

In Asheboro’, on the 3rd inst., at the residence of Mrs. HAMLIN, by the Rev. Mr. COLTON, F. L. GOLDING, Esq. of Germanton, to Miss CORNELIA HAMLIN, of the
former place.

DIED: In this place, on Sunday night last, Mrs. THERESE MICKEY, consort of Mr. FRANCIS MICKEY, in the 21st year of her age.

September 24, 1857

DIED:  In Stokes County, on the 12th inst., Mr. JOEL HILL, Sen. Aged about 80 years.
In Davidson County, on the 14th inst., Miss ELIZABETH FARABEE, daughter of Mr. Wm. FARABEE, aged 24 years.
At his son’s residence, Mount Airy, on Monday morning the 21st inst., CHARLES BANNER, Esq., aged 84 years.
Mr. Banner was a highly esteemed, respected and useful citizen having served the county of Stokes in various public capacities, as member of the Legislature for several years,
and as County Surveyor and Magistrate for many years.

October 2, 1857

A LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the post office at Salem N. C. October 1st, 1857:  Wm. Barnes, Jr.; S. D. Blackwood; J. Bodenhameer;; Miss Sarah Bruther; Geo. J. Campbell;
Miss M.E. Davenport; Miss Alice Henegan; Jesse Hill; E. L. V. Hooper; Dr. Montgomery Jeter; Mrs. Lizzie G. Kinglon; Mr. Murcherson; J. Harmon Miller; Mrs. A. W. B. Matthews;
Hon. R. W. Pearson; J. S. Richardson, Jr.; W. F. Scales; H. G. Sullivan; W. H. Spear; Wm. Stockton; Geo. Scott or Joseph Smith; Miss Eliza Jane Tesh; George Tush; Madison
Thomas; Washington Taylor; Henry C. Thornbro.

MARRIED: In Winston, on the 24th inst., by H. A. HOLDER, Esq., Mr. AMOS MOSER to Miss ELIZABETA MELVIN, all of Forsyth.
In this place, on Monday, the 28th ult., by the Rev. G. F. BAHNSON, Mr. JULIUS E. MICKEY to Miss LAVINIA M. VOGLER, all of this place.

DIED: In Madison County, Tennessee, on the 6th of August, Mrs. MARGARET P. NEELY, wife of ROBT. C. NEELY, Esq., aged 54 years. She was a native of Mecklenburg
County, N. C.

October 9, 1857

MARRIED:  In this place, on Wednesday evening, the 7th inst., by the Rev. G.F. BAHNSON, Mr. JOSEPH O. HALL to Miss LOUISA S. SMITH, all of this place.
On the 17th ult., by Rev. BAXTER CLEGG, Mr. JAMES F. CLAYWELL to Miss RACHEL ANN PATTERSON, daughter of JOHN S. PATTERSON, Esq.
In Jamestown, on Wednesday, the 30th ult. By the Rev. C. F. HARRIS, Mr. PINCKNEY WHEELER to Miss BETTIE ROBBINS, all of Guilford County.

October 16, 1857

MARRIED:  In Stokes County, on Friday morning, the 2nd inst., by G. E. MOORE, Esq., Mr. JOSEPH BOWMAN, aged 18 years, to Miss ELIZA ANN RED, aged 36 years. The
bride was twice the size and twice the age of the groom.
In Davidson County, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. Wm. Turner, Mr. DAVID ESSICK to Miss LOUISA IDOL, all of Davidson, N. C.
In this county, on the 24th Sept., by JNO. E. CLAYTON, Esq., Mr. JAMES H. MARSHALL to Miss ELLEN PEGRAM.
On the 24th ult., by the same, Mr. TURNER McGEE to Miss JULIA BAILEY
On the 1st inst., by PHILLIP BARROW, Esq., Mr. CARLOS L. ZIGLAR, of Rockingham, to Miss JOANNA BECK, daughter of FREDERICK BECK of this county.

DIED:  In this county, on Saturday the 3rd inst., after a lingering illness, BENJAMIN HAUSER an aged and well known citizen, in his 75th year.

October 23, 1857

MARRIED:  In Winston, on the 20th inst., by Rev. J. E. MANN, Mr. WILLIAM NELSON of Halifax Va., to Miss ANN CRAWLEY of that village.
On the 30th of September by Rev. J. S. DAVIS, Mr. BENJAMIN A. MITHELL to Miss NANCY R. daughter of JOHN LASLY, Esq., --all of Stokes county.
In Guilford County, on the 7th inst., by N. R. SAPP, Esq., Mr. JOHN TAYLOR or Forsyth to Miss SARAH TAYLOR of Guilford.
In the vicinity of Greensboro’, on the 13th inst., by Rev. J. J. SMYTH, Rev. JETHRO RUMPLE, of Mecklenburg to Miss JENNIE F., daughter of WATSON W. WHARTON, Esq., of
At High Point, on the 8th inst., by R. F. SECHREST, Esq., Mr. JOSEPH O. KENNEDY to Miss ETNEY C. SPENCER—all of Guilford.

DIED:  In Rockingham county, on the 18th of August, CAROLINE SETTLE, only daughter of Hon. DAVID S. and HENRIETTA REID, aged 19 months.

October 30, 1857

MARRIED:  In Yadkin county, on the 20th inst., by Rev. GEO. B. WETMORE, Col. Wm. MARTIN PICKETT, of Anson county, and Miss MARY JANE JARRATT, only daughter of
Near Winston, on the 19th inst., by P. T. SHULTZ, Esq., Mr. Wm. DIETZ, and Miss ELIZABETH TESH., the ceremony being performed in the German language.
At the residence of Capt. JOHN JOYCE, in Rockingham county, N. C. on the 29th Sept., by J. M. GROGAN, Esq., Mr. HARDIN PRICE and Miss SARAH JOYCE all of Rockingham.
In Yanceyville, Caswell Co., Dr. FRANK B. MEBENE and Miss FANNIE L. KERR.
In the Presbyterian church, San Francisco, Cal., on Aug. 29th, by Rev. Dr. Scott, Mr. DAVID STRICKLAND and Miss SUSAN E. PHOLE, of Columbus Ga.

DIED: In this county, on the 24th inst., EMILY JANE, daughter of ROBERT H. and ELIZABETH LINVILLE, aged 2 years, 6 months and 11 days.

November 6, 1857

MARRIED:  On the 15th ult., at the house of A. G. HORNEY, by N. HUNT, Esq., MOSES S. HOSKINS, Esq., and Miss PHEBE P. daughter of MOSES H. MENDENHALL, all of
In Denmark, Tenn., on the 27th ult., by Rev. Mr. GILLESPIE, Mr. RANKIN PAISLEY of Tennessee and Miss MARGARET WEATHERLY formerly of Greensborough, N. C.

DIED In this place, on Saturday evening, the 31st ult., Mr. KARSTEN PETERSON, aged 81 years, 6 month and 10 days. He was a consistent member of the Moravian Church,
and in his early years, assisted as Missionary among the Indians, in Georgia.
At his residence in Dowelton, Yadkin Co., Dr. G. F. WILSON, aged 53 years.
At Bethlehem, Pa, in the night of the 25th ult., Sister S. D. SEIDEL, wife of the Rev. C. F. SEIDEL, aged 76 years, 2 months and 13 days. Sister Seidel was the daughter of the
late Bishop REICHEL, and for many years faithfully served the Church in various offices. May the Lord be with our aged brother who survives, and let him feel His comforting
In Spartanburg District, S.C., on the 26yh inst., THOMAS F. COLE, of Stokesburge, N. C., in the 25th year of his age.

November 13, 1857

MARRIED- On the 29th ult., at the residence of DAVID ENOCKS, by the Rev. S. Long, Mr. J. M. EDWARDS and Miss MARGARET ENOCKS.

DIED-In this vicinity on the 11th inst., VAN NEIMAN, son of Mr. EDMUND BLUM, aged 6 years.
In this vicinity, after a short but painful illness, Mr. ALEXANDER F. BYERLY, aged 22 years 3 months and 1 day.
In Winston, on Sunday evening last, after a short illness, FRANCIS EDGAR infant son of J. S. and MARGARET J. SAPP, aged 1 year 8 months and 12 days.
In Davidson County, on the 3rd inst., Mrs. MARGARET CLODFELDER, aged 86 years and 1 month. Her children and grandchildren number 225.

November 20, 1857

A LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the post office at Salem, N. C. Nov. 15th 1857
Wm. F. Boryell; Miss Susan Fisher; Andrew Kinnaman; H. A. Longworth; Peter B. Maslin; Thomas Myers; J. H. Nowlin; T. Newsom; T. H. Roberson; Wm. Robertson; J. S.
Richardson, Jr.,; W.A.D. Rubard; Elijah Scott.

November 25, 1857

DIED-In this vicinity, on the 14th inst., Mrs. MARY FRANCES BLUM, consort of Mr. FRANCIS RUDOLPH BLUM, aged 28 years and 17 days.
In this place, on the 16th inst., Mr. MARIA ELIZABETH SPACH, consort of Mr. DAVID SPACH Jun., aged 24 years and 6 months.
In Winston, on 13th inst., after a long and painful illness, Mrs. ABIGAIL M. BARROW, consort of Wm. BARROW, Esq., aged 36 years 9 months and 23 days.
Recently, at the residence of his grandson-in-law, Mr. SHEEK, near Smith Grove, Davie County, ANDRE MATTHIEU, formerly a citizen of Salisbury, but for several years a
resident of Stokes and Forsyth counties, aged 96 years.

November 27, 1857

MARRIED: Near Kernersville, by JNO. H. HESTER, Esq., Mr. R. T. PAYNE to Miss HANNAH, daughter of LEVI STAFFORD, all of Forsyth county.
At Socialville, Georgia, on the 25th of October, by W. J. Sluder, Esq., Mr. J. P. REID, of Stokes county, N. C. and Miss E. A. daughter of G. CONNER, Esq., of Socialville.
On Wednesday the 18th inst., at the residence of STEPHEN DOUTHIT, Esq., Davie Co., by Rev. R. H. GRIFFITH, Dr. WISEMAN and MISS A. S.DOUTHIT, all of Davie.

DIED- At the residence of J. W. PATTERSON, in Guilford county, on the 10th of November JOHN PATTERSON, formerly a citizen of Forsyth county, in the 90th year of his age.

December 4, 1857

MARRIED- Near Midway, Davidson county on the 19th ult., by S. A.MOCK, Esq., Mr. JOHN W. DANIEL, of Virginia and Miss CATHARINE F., daughter of JAMES L. SMITH.
On the 11th ult., Dr. Wm. H. GODBLUM (Goldblum?), of Marion, S. C. and Miss MARY E. HUNT, of Guilford County.
In Charlotte, on the 24th ult., by the Rev., ALEX. SINCLAIR, Wm. J. YATES, Esq., Editor of the Western Democrat, to Miss SALLIE A., daughter of the late ALEX. SPRINGS, Esq.

DIED- In this place, on Monday evening, Miss CATHARINE HECKEDORN, aged 77 years
In this vicinity, JULIA L., daughter of Mr. JEFFERSON FISHER, aged 6 years.
Also SAMUEL T., son of Mr. JEFFERSON FISHER, aged 6 months and 11 days.
In Davidson Co., on Saturday last, SUSAN, daughter of Mr. SOLOMON HEGE.
In Yadkin Co., Mrs. N. C. MILLER, wife of Mr. S.J. MILLER, aged 33 years.
In Salisbury on the 29th ult., MARY HILL, oldest daughter of the late JOHN A. LILLINGTON, aged 14 years, 5 months and 10 days.

December 11, 1857


Mr. A. BUTNER has purchased and removed to the house formerly owned by Mr. Wm. HAUSER, in the Northern part of town; and Mr. HAUSER has rented and removed to the
new brick house recently erected by Mr. F. MICKY, on Salt Street.

Mr. JOHN SIEWERS has removed to his new residence, adjoining his Cabinet Shop, on Walnut Street, Mr. O. A. KEEHLN having purchased and taken possession of Mr.
SIEWERS’ late residence at the corner of Main and Walnut Streets.

December 18, 1857

MARRIED- On the 13th inst., in Waughtown, by Rev. Wm. TURNER, Mr. THEOPHILUS GIMBLE, of Davidson, to Miss CHARITY A. LONGWORTH, of Forsyth. May days and
years thy joy  improve, Thrice happy be thy home of love.
On Thursday, the 17th inst., Mr. SAMUEL W. WALLS to Miss CAROLINE C. TEAGUE.
In Winston, on the 10th inst., by R. GRAY, Esq., Mr. ARMSTEAD KIGER, to Miss SARAH NORMAN, all of Forsyth

At High Point, on Thursday morning, the 10th inst., Mrs. LUCY COLE, in the 61st year of her age. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church, with which she became
connected in her youthful years. She had been sorely afflicted for several years, but bore her afflictions with Christian resignation.
In Winston, on the 14th inst., Mrs. BECKEL, relict of the late TOBIAS BECKEL.
On the evening of the 4th inst., Mrs. CORNELIA W. consort of F. L. GOLDING, and daughter of the late Dr. WILLIAM HAMLLIN, of Asheborough, N. C.

December 25, 1857

SAD AFFAIR—We learn that Mr. ADAM KLUTTS, of this county, in a fit of derangement, cut his throat on Wednesday last. Some four months ago he lost by death two children,
which affected his mind very much, and on Sunday night the 15th he was so much deranged as to cause alarm, and a guard was kept over him for several days. On the day he
cut his throat, appearing so much better, he walked out early in the morning to wash his face and hands, when he slipped over to the shop of MOSES LINGLE, about a quarter
of a mile distant, and seized a drawing knife, did the deed. He is suffering very much, but strong hopes are entertained of his recovery. Salisbury Herald


DIED: In this county, on the 2d inst, at the residence of her son, Mrs. SARAH GRIFFITH, aged about 60 years.
In Bethania, on the 17th inst., Mr. CHRISTIAN HENRY GRABBS, aged 65 years, 6 months and 6 days.

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