The Confederate Soldiers
of Stokes County, NC

All Gave Some, Some Gave All

by Mike Cumbie
Germanton, NC

copyright 2012

Taylor, Spotswood Bassett
Miller, John B.
Eller, Jesse Franklin

1st Lt. Burnett, Thomas S.
2nd Lt. King, Alexander M.
1st Lt. McGehee, Charles A.
2nd Lt. Owens, John Henry

Private Arnold, Anderson
Corporal Brown, Noah
Private Ashburn, William
Private Bullin, Jacob
Private Baker, Franklin
Private Bullin, Martin
Private Bennett, Charles
Private Clapp, George
Private Bennett, James
Private Clark, R. M.
Private Bennett, John
Private Clark, William
Private Bennett, L.
Corporal Covington, Thomas
Private Bennett, Rueben
Private Cox, Eli
Private Bennett, Tandy
Private Cox, William
Private Bennett, Thomas
Private Cox, Wilsher
Private Bennett, William, Jr.
Private Culler, Alfred
Private Booze, George
Sergeant Culler, Emanuel
Private Booze, John W.
Private Culler, John W.
Private Bowen, James
Private Cunningham, Francis
Private Bowen, John
Private Darnell, Augustin
1st Sergeant Boyles, Alexander
Private Eaton, John
Private Boyles, Alexander
Sergeant Flinchum, James
Private Boyles, Augustin
Private Flinchum, John W.
Corporal Boyles, John Wm.
Private Flinchum, John W. R.
Private Boyles, John Wm., Jr.
Private Flinchum, Mathew
Private Flinchum, Robert
Sergeant Miller, William
Sergeant Flinchum, Samuel
Private Mitchell, Marion
Private Fulk, John
Private Moore, Alfred
Private Fulk, Winston
Private Moore, Benjamin
Private Glidewell, John
Private Moorefield, Fredrick
Private Gunter, William
Corporal Neal, George
Private Hall, Daniel
Sergeant Neal, Joseph
Private Hartman, Joseph
Private Neal, Julius
Private Hicks, Calvin
Private Neal, William
Private Hicks, Ezekiel
Private Nelson, James
Private Hicks, Henry
Private Nelson, William
Private Hicks, Lewis
Sergeant Null, Erastus
Private Hicks, William R.
Private Ore, Benjamin
Corporal Hill, William C.
Private Overby, William
Private Howe, James
Private Page, David
Private Howell, Jerry
Private Pettitt, Thomas
Private Hutchins, John
Private Rierson, James
Private James, Alexander 1st
Sergeant Rierson, William
Private James, Calvin
Private Sands, John
Private James, John
Private Savage, William
Private James, William
Private Sizemore, Athey
Corporal Jones, Alson
Corporal Smith, Franklin
Private Jones, Elihu
Private Smith, William
Private Jones, Noah
Private Southern, George
Private Joyce, David
Private Southern, James
Private Joyce, Thomas
Private Southern, John
Private King, Armistead
Private Stevenson, John
Private King, Ruel
Private Stout, William
Private Lambert, Jabez
Private Stuart, Alfred
Private Lawson, James
Private Stuart, Joseph
Private Lawson, Joshua
Private Terry, James
Private Lawson, William
Private Terry, Joseph
Private Lemons, William
Private Tilley, John
Private Mabe, Alexander
Private Tilley, Martin
Private Mabe, Caleb
Private Tilley, William
Private Mabe, Carter
Private Turpin, M. D.
Private Mabe, Jesse
Private Wall, Calvin
Private Mabe, Martin
Private Wall, Daniel
Private Mabe, Solomon
Private Wall, Samuel
Private MaGee, William
Sergeant Wilson, Walter
Private Manering, Edmond
Private Manuel, Gideon
Private Manuel, R. Caver
Private Miller, John