1920'S CLUBS

Dr. Charles S. Lawrence, M. D.

Courtesy of Charles S. Lawrence, Jr.

The Winston-Salem Lions Club was organized last night at
an enthusiastic meeting held at the Robert E. Lee Hotel.  Dr.
C. [Charles] S. Lawrence was elected president of the club
which consists of twenty-four initial members.  The charter list
will be completed at an early date and a charter banquet will
be held shortly after April 1st, which Melvin Jones,
international secretary of the Association of Lions’ Clubs, will
present the charter.

Fred T. Davis, field director of the International Association of
Lions’ Clubs, presided at the organization meeting.  He
discussed various phases of Lionism.  The election of
officers was then made the order of business.  Besides
President Lawrence, the other officers chosen were C. C.
Smithdeal, first vice-president; Fred Sheetz, second vice-
president; John A. Naylor, third vice-president; Willoughby N.
Brown, secretary; John Dyer, treasurer; Lion tamer, Rev. Dr.
W. A. Newell; [illegible] twister, James K. Norfleet, Jr.;
directors for one year, J. W. Crews and Dr. J. C. Kerr;
directors for three years, C. L. Philbrick; director for two
years, Moses Shapiro.

The officers voiced their conceptions of Lionism as a force
for the betterment of the community in many avenues.  
President Lawrence led the way by a clear-cut outline of the
many things that await the energy of Lionism for their full

The members of the Winston-Salem Lions Club are as
follows:  Dr. C. S. Lawrence, C. C. Smithdeal, James K.
Norfleet, Jr., Moses Shapiro, Willoughly N. Brown, William F.
Beam, I. H. Rider, Fred H. Fisher, William T. Ritter, Dr. J . E.
Kerr, C. L. Philbrick, Hugh C. Pollard, Ralph Ogburn, Rev. Dr.
W. A. Newell, Littleton W. Roberts, Dr. Lester W. Benbow,
John A. Naylor, Lindsay N. Kester, J. Wilbur Crews, Dr. Crete
Nixon Sisk, Urey W. Rice, Fred Sheetz, John Dyer and W. B.

(March 14, 1922, Winston-Salem Journal)

**This article has been edited**