The Forsyth County Historical Association is a non-profit organization located in Forsyth County, NC.
Forsyth County, NC
Forsyth County was created from Stokes County in 1849 and named in honor of Col. Benjamin Forsyth, a
Stokes County landowner.  He also distinguished  himself in the war of 1812 and was mortally wounded
in Odeltown, Canada.  

The birth of it's Moravian settlement took place in 1753 when Bishop August Gottlieb Spangenberg
acquired a hundred-thousand acre tract of land from Lord Granville, one of the lord proprietors of
North Carolina. The Moravians called their land Wachovia after the Austrian estate of Count Nicholas
Lewis von Zinzendorf, an early protector of the Moravian church.  Two more Moravian settlements,
Bethabara and Bethania, were established by 1766.  Living alongside the Moravians were English
settlers who also traveled to this region to build a new life.  They also have a wonderful history and
stories to tell.

In 1851, the town of Winston was named as the County seat. The courthouse square was laid one mile
north of Salem Square with plans for the street of the two towns to run together.

Uncovering 250 years of history requires the commitment of many like-minded people.  The aim of the
FCHA is to spark enthusiasm and offer a challenge to others to join us in our endeavors.   Research
volunteers  are the fuel that feed our fascinating journey into Forsyth County's past and the
preservation of it for the future generations to learn from.  Donated funds and membership dues
enable our researchers to continue to provide more history to the FCHA website.

                             Join this exciting journey and VOLUNTEER!
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